Yield Analysis

An overview of how we analyze potential investments for our Yield Fund products.
We analyze potential Yield Farming investments from multiple angles before deciding how best our Yield Fund products should be invested in an effort to generate attractive returns over time with as little downside as possible.

Investing Requirements

  • Protocol deployed on-chain that is supported by one of our Custodians
  • The protocol was audited by one of the following audit firms: Consensys, Quantstamp, Trail of Bits, OpenZeppelin, Certik, Chainsulting or Peckshield
  • >$100M of assets locked in the protocol
  • Minimum track record of 6 months without any incidents (e.g. hacks, exploits, outages, other protocol-related failures)
  • Deposited assets available on whitelisted Exchanges
  • Deposited assets fulfill the following liquidity requirements: >$1B market capitalization, 30-day average spot volume above $100M, futures available (non-stablecoins)
  • Additional requirements for deposited assets: No algorithmic stablecoins or rebalancing tokens